–   Why do you need a Bookkeeping or Accounting Service?

   –   On a daily basis, how well is your business performing?

   –   We provide you with complete and accurate business records so that you can make profitable business decisions.

We ensure that:

  • Your books are always accurate and up to date.
  • Your bank statements are reconciled with the books.
  • You can easily locate the records you need – when you need them!
  • You receive regular Profit and Loss Accounts that allow you to check the progress of your business throughout the year.
  • You receive a regular list of outstanding money owed by your customers.
  • You receive an aged list of money you owe to help you to plan whom to pay and when.
  • At the end of the year you get a full print out of your entries for audit, together with a Profit and Loss Account and balance sheet to help you, or Mewhort Tax Solutions, prepare your tax returns.

We can also provide assistance for specific issues such as year-end procedures and software conversions.